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A Medical Imaging Solution

A Medical Imaging Solution

GiniPACS is a web based, enterprise – class Picture Archival and Communication System (RIS / PACS). GiniPACS offers a fully-integrated Medical Imaging Solution for digital imaging & information to hospitals, clinics & diagnostic centers. GiniPACS helps to acquire radiology images, reports and information from RIS and other software systems. GiniPACS offers flexible integration options based on industry standards such as DICOM, HL7 and IHE. With the scalable architecture of GiniPACS, adding new modalities, users and locations is easy as your enterprise grows. GiniPACS provides user-friendly, innovative and reliable technology that will usher your practice into the digital age easily & inexpensively.

Being a web-based system, GiniPACS can be securely monitored and configured at run time. GiniPACS integrates images from multiple modalities with clinical patient data thereby streamlining radiology department workflow and improving the radiologist's efficiency. GiniPACS breaks down the physical and time barriers associated with traditional film-based image retrieval, distribution and display. With GiniPACS realize more productivity and profits with state-of-the-art technology.

Merits Of GiniPACS

  • Seamless Networking between multiple locations
  • Reliable, Secure, High-speed data transfer
  • Faster Diagnosis leading to better patient care
  • Superior Doctor Collaboration
  • Increased Operational efficiency
  • Uninterrupted access across broad region
  • Improved record keeping and data retrieval
  • Quick return on investment

Who Will Benefit?

Patients, Radiologists, Radiographers, Hospital Consultants & Managers can avail great benefits from the implementation of GiniPACS. This Medical Imaging Solution provides advantages such as lesser waiting time for results, potentially quicker patient discharge, flexible viewing with the ability to manipulate images onscreen, instant access to old patient records & images etc.

Modules in GiniPACS

  • Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS) Server
  • The PACS Server is a sophisticated image server which is DICOM compliant and aids in various tasks such as storage & retrieval of image data, support for server partitions, WADO (Web Access DICOM Objects) support etc.

  • Radiology Information System (RIS) Server
  • GiniPACS RIS extends benefits such as Collaboration across Multiple sites and Multiple Clinical specialties, Preliminary Diagnosis workflow, Customizable technologist documentation etc.

  • Work Station
  • The main features of GiniPACS Work Station include user-friendly interface, integration with GiniPACS RIS, Image streaming when used in conjunction with GiniPACS Image Server, Multi monitor awareness etc.

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