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DxtRight is a web based academic management solution that provides academic system accessibility to management personal from anywhere at any time. DxtRight offers two modules of licensing.

Dxtright v1.3

Captive License

In captive license module, the user will have complete control over the academic management system, the application can be hosted on LAN within their premises as well as can be accessed remotely when required & the maintenance issues can be easily handled with flexible maintenance packs. Our advanced n-tier architecture supports thin clients, requires no client maintenance and provides unlimited user access.

Cloud-Based Module

Harvest Infotech provides offsite hosting and complete administration of the entire academic and supporting infrastructure. This includes the procurement, admission, administration, and monitoring of all network and hardware infrastructure and operating systems, database and application software. With this model, you can opt for a regular subscription payment instead of an up-front capital with licensing and maintenance expenses included so that you get the best academic management solutions at an affordable cost.

How Are We Different?

Unlike legacy-architecture systems that are retrofitted as cloud offerings, DxtRight Cloud is natural SaaS extension of DxtRight- the fully integrated web based academic management solution built from the ground up around the latest Microsoft Internet technology. DxtRight users have always enjoyed the fastest, easiest implementation of any academic management solution as well as unmatched ease of use, scalability, the total cost of ownership and return on investment. Now, all these great benefits are even more affordable and easier to access.

Who will benefit?

DxtRight is beneficial to parents, teachers & management alike since it simplifies tasks such as maintaining student profiles based on class & subject, pupil performance comparison, subject wise reporting on all criterion, fee payment updates, teacher performance tracking etc.

Modules in DxtRight

  • Admission Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Attendance Management
  • SMS Module
  • Course Management
  • Security & Permissions
  • Class Management
  • Fees Management
  • Security & Permissions
  • Reporting

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